HUGE News!


Do you see that?!!?! The Matching Grant has officially been matched!!!! All that is left is money for travel expenses and it is officially funded down to every last penny!!!

I am SO ecstatic!! The only thing that dampens my excitement is that this process is still at a standstill. The documents requested by the Orphan Department in China are currently in Washington DC, in the process of being authenticated and certified so that can HOPEFULLY go to China after Thanksgiving.

I am trying to be patient, but this wait is so hard. On top of waiting, the department in China has been having some significant computer issues and causing a backup in all processes. Please pray that their system gets back up and running before my documents head that way; I don’t really need another delay.



Prayer requests:

  • That things begin to move  forward.
  • That Sunshine stays healthy (poor baby was sick a few weeks ago)
  • That my heart is calmed and patience is found.

STScI PRC90-26 Orion Nebula WFPC  10/90 Credit: C.R. O'Dell, NASA

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