Time …

Sometimes, I feel as if time is standing still. That nothing is moving forward.

Currently, all of my original documents have made it to China. I also received word that copies of these documents have finished being translated. I pray that these documents make it to someone’s desk this week.

At times, this wait is so incredibly difficult. In September, I was convinced that I would be in China at or around Christmas … obviously that is not even a remote possibility.  I had realized this prior to Thanksgiving and the holiday was hard for me to get through. Hard to be around family and express happiness when I know my sweet baby is half-way around the world. Hard for me to participate in a holiday to celebrate thanks and family when MY immediate family is so far away.

In a way, I am dreading Christmas this year. I have not put up any decorations (and really don’t plan to) and I have yet to purchase any presents. I know that next year will be completely different – but this was NOT the way I foresaw this month going.

So, enough of the pity party. All my documents are in China, so that is a big plus. I pray that I have another post in the next week or so that is GREAT info … we’ll see.

What’s Next?   After this adoption is finally approved on the China side, then a copy of the approval and more paperwork are filed with US Immigration. This will get the approval for Sunshine to be brought home. This paperwork will eventually make its way to the US consulate in China so that a date can be determined for his consulate appointment (where he will get his US Visa to come home) … SO, after receiving initial China approval, it is an estimated 2-4 month wait before traveling.

Well, now everyone knows just as much as I do! 🙂 Hooray!

Praises:  – Paperwork finally made it to China and everything has been translated!

Prayer Requests: – That things would be approved in a timely manner so the rest of the process can move forward


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