127 Days

After 127 days, my letter of acceptance to bring Ari home has been released!! It will hopefully be next week when the hard copy of this letter is received.

127 days of worry.

18 weeks of fear that my application could be rejected.

Over 4 months of waiting to find out if we would be together.

Finally, I can officially post THIS:

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 8.21.32 PM.jpg


~ FINALLY RECEIVED CHINA APPROVAL (yes, all day long happy dance)!



~ That the hard copy of my LOA is received at the beginning of next week so the next step in this process can begin.

~ That Ari continues to thrive and be his heart be prepared to leave everything he has ever known and the amazing people who care for and love him in order to come into his forever home.


One thought on “127 Days

  1. So unbelievably happy for you both! I have prayed & prayed for this sweetheart boy and knew just the right momma would come for him. Who could be better than you?! Congratulations!!!!


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