Abundant Thanks

Throughout this journey, there has been many highs and many lows. You think you go into this prepared for the adventure, but there are so many unexpected delays that can occur. You get these pictures of a beautiful child and you fall in love.


(Ari’s Referral Photos)

You fill out your paperwork as quickly as possible, filling out multiple forms that go over your personal history – everything from how much you make and how much money you have to your name all the way to your medical history and BMI (yes, there are rules about how much you weigh … ). You get all of your paperwork completed and then you sit and wait. In my case you wait and wait and wait. The waiting is by far the hardest part. While the paperwork takes time, the waiting is the worst.

During this waiting time, you have nothing better to do but to think, analyze and worry about everything. Wondering if your paperwork will be good enough. If you sweet little one is in an orphanage, worrying about if your child is getting enough to eat, staying warm and staying healthy. It is this period of time where your mind races, you become concerned about finances and you pray that somehow everything will work out.

I know that I personally could not have made it through this process without the people in my life. There have been surprise fundraisers where people I have never met donated to this process. There were t-shirt sales, a yard sale, a trivia night, jewelry sales and an online auction. NONE of these things would have taken place without my amazing friends, coworkers and family.

Ari would not be coming home if it weren’t for these amazing people in my life. People who have provided encouragement during times of doubt, financial assistance for all of the various fundraisers and the “been there, done that” guidance of other adoptive parents. ALL of you have helped me through this process and my “Thank-you” could never be enough. I hope that once Ari is home, you will all be able to meet him and hear his sweet giggles in person!





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