Again …

As it should be no surprise, I managed to hit another slow down …

Typically when waiting for your Immigration approval (i-800) it takes right at 2 weeks … of course on Jan. 1 of this year there were some significant changes at USCIS (immigration). Fees were increased on many different documents as well document changes were made and the newest versions were the only ones accepted. This meant that at the end of December there was a massive influx of various applications to attempt to get in before the paperwork change was in effect and before having to pay higher fees. This overwhelmed the system and lead to significant slow downs.

Thankfully, my paperwork seems to have been entered into the system near the end of the slow down on 1/5. I finally received my approval yesterday (but was informed about it today). I will wait until the paper copy of this approval arrives and then email to see if the next step has occurred. I will be waiting for a number to apply for Ari’s Visa.

Once the Visa has been applied for and approved, the information will go to China’s Welfare office to be given travel dates. This will be a highly celebrated day! A day that has been in the works for 13 months and counting.

As I write this, families all over China are in the beginning of celebrating 15 days of family time for Chinese New Year. A time of food, family and fireworks!

I’m so thankful that Ari gets to celebrate this one last time in China, but next year will be our first CNY together and I cannot wait!


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