As the weeks continue to move forward, I feel like they are DRAGGING!

I really thought after waiting 127 days for China to approve the adoption that things from there on out would get easier (NOTHING else could possibly take that long) …. but, I was wrong. Not that I want to wish time away, but MAN I am so ready to be with my boy!

On Friday I received my GUZ# – this is an important number that has to be placed on the application for Ari’s US Visa. So, I received an email confirming my GUZ# but… they spelled my last name wrong. (Personally, I am somewhat surprised this hadn’t happened in the process already, but I digress). As soon as I got the email I called the National Visa Center (NVC) – after waiting on hold for 30 minutes, they told me that I will have to wait until next week when my file gets to Guangzhou (where the US Consulate is in China) I will then have to petition them to change my last name and provide documentation of correct spelling. Even though my file was still being worked on, they couldn’t change my name without proof (even though it was their clerical error) … I manage to do everything the hard and long way.

After receiving my GUZ#, I should have been able to log into an online system to fill out the application for Ari’s visa .. but the few hours after receiving my number the system kept giving me an error. When I called the NVC (to ask about the last name correction and this error), they said I just needed to give it time to be loaded into their system before I could get in …  so, here we are, over 24 hours since I received my number and I still can’t get into the system to apply for Ari’s Visa … so I will have to wait even longer and call the NVC again on Monday… because, I HAVE to do things the hard and long way.

I know that becoming frustrated is pointless since everything is out of my hands, but man it is so frustrating when things don’t work like they are supposed to! I really hope that this does not push my travel into April …. but it just may!

Regardless of all of the frustration, clerical error, difficulty filling out a very important form … I am getting closer and closer to finishing.

Closer and closer to getting on that plane to China.

Closer and closer to getting Ari in my arms.




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