Hurry Up … and …. wait

So – the last time I wrote I was waiting to be able to log into the NVC system to apply for Ari’s US Visa. I was able to do that last Monday and then waited until Wednesday to receive the PDF needed to give to my agency so they could submit my Article 5 application in China. This application will go to the US Consulate in China so that they are notified of the Visa request.

My Article 5 application was submitted last Thursday (they can only be submitted and picked up on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday). Typically, applications are completed and picked up within 2 weeks – however, on the week that mine will be done, that Monday happens to be President’s Day and all Gov’t agencies are closed. (The US Consulate in China celebrates all US and most China holidays). Since this falls on the week of my pick-up, everything gets pushed back a day. SO, my Article 5 pick-up should occur on Monday 2/27. After it is picked up, the approval will be submitted to the China Welfare Office so that travel approval (TA) can be issued. Travel approval can come anywhere from 2-10 days after they receive the Article 5 approval. As of right now, TA is taking 2-4 days and I pray that this trend continues.

The hope right now is that I will get my TA the first few days of March. Once TA is given, notice goes back to the US Consulate so that a Consulate Appointment Day (CA) can be scheduled. The CA is 1 week after getting your Child in China – so it is typically scheduled 3-4 weeks after receiving TA.

IF everything goes as it should, I will likely be leaving for China 3/15 or 3/22. Please pray that all the paperwork is correct and no hiccups are encountered! Each step gets me closer to bringing my boy home!







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