We Can Do This!!

keep-calm-and-go-to-china-14 2

Do you see that?!! I GOT TRAVEL APPROVAL!! (Seriously if I could figure out how to make your computer screen pop off some fireworks when you opened this I would have!)

In the last 24 hours I received both Travel Approval and our Consulate Appointment. In that same timeframe I have been able to book round-trip tickets for 2 adults and a return flight for 1 child and get an appointment to a specialists 4 days after getting home.

SO, the plan is the following:   Drive to Dallas on 4/4, Fly to Beijing 4/5, Spend 2 weeks in China, Leave Guangzhou for Dallas on 4/21, Have appointment with Specialist in Dallas on 4/25.

Do you see that?! It is a plan … a true plan!! It even has its own flights!! YAY!!!

24 days … 3 weeks … not that I’m counting or anything … HAHA!

I guess all of this means that I need to start packing … maybe! Ari’s stuff is all ready to go (although I think I may need to add a few more short sleeve shirts since we thought travel would be sooner and there are warmer clothes in there). A new stroller was purchased just for this trip and I can’t wait to use it (the seat turns around so he can see me while being pushed!!).

Soon, sweet boy, so very soon I will be there for you!!







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