Soon, My Sweet Boy

Dear Ari,

  I have decided that I want to take time every now and then to write you letters. They may not always be full of exciting adventures, but they will always be full of love!! 

Today is March 29, 2017 … actually it’s my 32nd birthday … but that really isn’t what I’m excited about. I am so excited (and nervous and anxious) about the fact that in exactly 1 week I will be flying to China to FINALLY bring you home!! I don’t think the reality of it all has really hit yet, but I will finally be your Mommy and you will be part of my family! That almost seems so foreign to write, but so incredibly amazing to think about.

This entire adoption process brings forth so many emotions. I am so happy and excited that we will finally be a family, but with that comes the sorrow and heartbreak of all that you have endured and will endure in the near future. I often wonder about your biological Mommy and if she stays up late at night thinking about you just as I have. I know that your Chinese Mommy and Daddy must have loved you fiercely and did everything they could to ensure that you would receive the best medical care possible. I think about your parents frequently and just wish I could tell them thank-you for this sweet little boy. 

I am anxious about how you will tolerate transitioning from the amazing nannies and staff members you have been with for the last 39 months of your life. Then how will you handle the plane ride and a forever future in the US? Will you like our house? Will the quietness of our home be overwhelming when you are used to the sounds of so many other children? Will you like the puppies smelling and licking your face? There are so many unknowns and so many hard transitions in the next several weeks, I just pray that you will allow me to comfort you when you are overwhelmed by so many changes.

I can not wait to be with you. To breathe in your sweet scent, hear your precious giggles and see your sweet smiling dimples. 

7 more days until my plane heads to China, Soon, sweet boy, soon! 

I love you to China and Back! 

P.S. I got you car seat installed yesterday and I hope it fits you well and comfortably! Things are coming together! 

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