China Itinerary

So .. less than 3 days until I’m flying off to Beijing … it all seems so surreal and yet I feel like I have a TON to do (and my internet keeps crashing – of course).

Not all of the specifics are hammered out quite yet but here is the tentative plans for the upcoming weeks:

Tuesday April 4: Drive to Dallas

Wednesday April 5:  – Flight leaves from Dallas for Seattle at 6:30 AM CST and lands at 8:48 AM PST   – Flight leaves from Seattle to Beijing at 2:00 PM PST and lands 4/6 at 4:35 PM China time (reminder: China is 13 hours ahead of CST)

Thur-Sat April 6 – April 8 – Stay in Beijing, volunteering with Ari’s Foster Home and learning     more about his daily schedule

Saturday April 8: Take an overnight train from Beijing to Nanchang, Jiangxi Province: Leaving Beijing at 7:50PM and arriving at 7:50 AM on 4/9.

Sunday April 9: This will be the day that I officially get custody of Ari (likely in the afternoon).

Monday April 10: Adoption is completed with signing of papers and fingerprints and notarizations. Likely we will then go to a store to get anything he may need (diapers, snacks, etc)

Tuesday April 11: Applying for his Chinese Passport so he can come home. Maybe some shopping or relaxing

Wed/Thurs April 12 & 13: Sightseeing

Friday April 14: Pick up his passport and then ride a high speed train from Nanchang, Jiangxi to Guangzhou, Guangdong – this is where the US Consulate is. We leave at 1:05 PM and arrive at 5:05 PM.

Saturday April 15: Medical appointment to get US Visa

Sunday April 16: Sightseeing and an Easter Egg hunt with other families to celebrate Easter

Monday April 17: Sight seeing (SAFARI PARK – just a little excited about this)

Tuesday April 18: Visa Appointment at the Consulate

Wednesday April 19: Free day to relax or do more shopping … depends on what Ari is up to 🙂

Thursday April 20:  Pick up US Visa

Friday April 21: HEAD HOME (well, back to Dallas anyway)! Flight from Guangzhou to Shanghai at 7:30AM, landing at 9:50 AM. Leaving Shanghai to Seattle at 1:40 PM and landing at 9:35 AM PST, leaving Seattle at 12:20 PM PST and landing at 6:13 PM CST.

We will stay in Dallas for a bit because Ari has an appointment with a specialist on the afternoon of 4/25. I HOPE to be driving back to NWA on the 26th, unless he has to have imaging done. We have a pediatrician appointment on 4/27 in the morning.


SO, that is a lot of stuff occurring in a short time span! I pray it all goes smoothly (especially the flights home)!


Thank-you to everyone for your support and prayers during this time as so many transitions will be occurring! I will try to keep the blog and FB page up to date the best I can!


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