On my way!!

Dear Ari,

  Today I left our house and drove to Dallas with my dear friend Michelle. We are on our way to get you and bring you home! 

My first flight leaves at 6:30 in the morning and I know that I should already be asleep, but my excitement in coming to you is so much that I can barely close my eyes!  I know that my 3:30 am alarm will come quickly, but I will be up and ready to go as soon as it goes off!! 

I want to tell you that you are already so very loved and cherished! When I started this journey to making us a family I immediately realized how worthy of much love you are and I am immensely thankful that God has decided to bring us together. 

2 plane flights, that is all that stands between us!! 

Today the foster home you have been living at for the last 39 months posted an amazing blog post all about you (Transformation Tuesday: Ari)! Your sweet pictures and story of immense strength and courage have brought tears of happiness to so many – knowing that you are finally coming home makes people so very joyful! 

I will be with you so very soon – one more sleep for you and I will be in China!! 

Love you to China and Back! 

– Mommy

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