The first 25

Whew!! It has been a very long day+ of travel!! 

We woke up on 4/5 @ 3:30 in Dallas and were headed out the door by 4:20. Our flight from Dallas to Seattle left at 6:30and it was not for the faint of heart (or queasy stomached). A cold front was pushing through and the wind during take off was significant.


We hit multiple places of turbulence and hit more when descending to land. 

The landing was smooth and we had made it to rainy Seattle. 

Once in the airport, we met a couple with their 2 kiddos and grandma who were also coming to Beijing. We helped each other navigate the 3 shuttles to move from one terminal to another. We also decided to utilize Ari’s stroller instead of carrying it … so much easier!! 

We spent 5 hours waiting in Seattle – just talking and people watching. 

We were starving when we got to the international terminal (it was 10 am Seattle time, but our Central Standard Time bodies were thinking it was noon). Well, there was only 1 sit down restaurant and they didn’t serve lunch until 10:30 … you better believe we ordered our food right at 10:30!!!! The place was called “The Dungeness Cafe” and even though we were in Seattle (where good seafood is plentiful), Michelle and I both opted for a burger (may be the last one for a bit). 

Stomachs full and happy, we got our boarding passes and the awesome desk clerk moved us from the 2 middle seats in a 4 seat row to a 3 seat row at the back of the plane. She put us both on the aisles with an empty seat between us. Michelle and I hoped and prayed the seat would remain open, and it did!!! The long flight was made 100,000x better due to having that extra room!! 

As we were waiting for the plane to come in, we sought after an area to charge our phones and have a little space. We ended up sitting near a couple who were doing a full blown work-out in the terminal … push-ups, squats, burpees … they were hard core!  

About a hour before we were supposed to board our plane showed up! I think it was seeing this airplane that made me really finally realize that we were going to China!!!

We got all situated on the plane and sat back to enjoy the next 11 hours to Beijing. 

After 10 hours with minimal sleep from me (Michelle managed to get a little more), we were finally landing in Beijing. 

We navigated the Beijing airports like champs! We even ran into the family we made friends with in Seattle! We were all at immigrantion and the luggage pickup together!

Thankfully all out luggage made it to Beijing. Sadly, the wheelchair we brought had one of the wheel locks broken during the flight (we found the chair on a conveyor belt upside down). But everything made it. 

We met up with a sweet girl from Dew Drops/Little Flower (another foster home in Beijing) and gave her 2 large suitcases of medical supplies. I was SO happy we could bring some much needed items!!! We met our Driver and we headed out to the foster home. I am SO happy that we are finally here!! I was SO very thankful to see a bed and lay down!  We probably went to sleep around 8:30 local time. 

I am wide awake now (3:30 am) … but I expected to be! 3am is always my wake-up after the 13 hr time change. Michelle is still sleeping. 

I don’t know yet what all the plans are for today (Friday 4/7), but I can’t wait for it to get started!! 

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