We started today getting things packed up and ready to move to Nanchang. Around 8:30am we went to play with the kiddos (mostly babies today). We spent time playing, some little ones took a nap in our arms, and then eating lunch. Once the babies were put down for naps, Michelle and I met up with Taylor and Erin to check out to the Lunar Market in town.

The Lunar Market is a gathering of different vendors/farmers and merchants in town selling their goods, wares, food and used items. We were able to walk around and ran into several staffers who were shopping as well.  It was very interesting to see the varieties of farmed food available as well as the different street food vendors. And, as always, we got lots of stares because 4 white Americans together in the middle of a market is something not frequently seen (not to mention everyone was bundled up wearing jackets and hats and I had on a t-shirt because I was hot). 

After we left the market, we went to the convenience store to get some snacks for the train ride. We ended up with: soda, water, chips, yogurt drinks (for Ari later), muffins and grapes. We then grabbed some noodles and orange chicken at the nearby noodle restaurant. We all went back to the foster home to eat and say goodbyes. 

After Taylor and Erin left, Michelle and I spent time resting and finishing up packing.  We got everything together and ready to be picked up at 5:00 … we waited and waited but no driver came.  After about 15 minutes someone called to see where the driver was … oops, he had forgotten he was supposed to take us to the train station!!! It got to us in about 10 minutes and then we were on our way. 

Now, if you have never been to China then you may think that traffic is just another thing to endure, however, the rules here are different. The lane lines are often just suggestions and speed can vary from car to car. Let’s just say that we were late leaving for the train station and got there early! 

We are now on the train, safe and sound. It is a small room of  2 bunk beds and thankfully Michelle and I both have a bottom bed!  The Chines couple in the beds above us keep speaking and expecting us to respond in Chinese … hum .. no idea! 

Well, next stop will be Ari’s province – tomorrow is the day I get my sweet boy … this Momma cannot wait!! 

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