The Day Has Finally Come!

The day started on the train! Both myself and Michelle were surprised at how well we sleep in such a confined space – but it was one of the best nights of sleep for me. 

We departed the train and met up with Mary, our guide. She brought us to our hotel, The Gloria Grand Hotel. I am so happy to be here because I stayed here in October when I was in China and I feel like I somewhat know where some things are around the hotel. 

We got settled in our room and Ari and his Nanny met with us. The orphanage officials weren’t yet at the hotel and said it would be 5-6 pm before they would get to us. Ari was happy but very congested. We all ate breakfast together and then finished getting things settled and took showers.  At 12:00 we went to the restaurant at the hotel and met up with the other family who is from the same adoption agency who is also staying at The Gloria. It was great to meet their family and have someone we can go through this journey with. 

At lunch, Ari was sure to make it know what he did and didn’t like. He ate 4-5 pieces of tofu and two helpings of steamed egg. He tried some noodles, but they were too spicy and his eyes started watering. There was also a sugary bread thing that he also liked and ate the whole thing. 

Ari has a very hard time drinking – he doesn’t seem to like liquids at all. I have even thickened some to see if that helped but there didn’t seem to be a difference. That will for sure be a big hurdle to overcome in the near future. 

After lunch, we went back to the room to rest. It was past Ari’s nap time, but he didn’t seem too worried about it. He was happy and chill, laying on the bed. I gave him his pacifier and he was out in 2 minutes. 

He even fell asleep with his monkey … so so precious!  Just a side note, he is not able to keep his eyes closed all the way – I think it has to do with his skull structure, but we will address that with the doctor when we get home. 

Initial impressions of this amazing boy: he is very chill. He loves to just lay and play with his toys. He loves music and loves his little bunny that sings songs in English and Chinese and has light up ears. We may have to buy a spare if we see one for I fear the tears if this one breaks! He hasn’t been upset yet and is pretty Go with the flow. He LOVES dumplings (I told him that he fit in our family perfectly). 

Well, he is still napping – not sure what the plans are for this evening but it has been raining. We shall see .. maybe today will be a special 2 post day!!? 

3 thoughts on “The Day Has Finally Come!

  1. We are a fellow New Day family (Nelson/Ben, home Jan 2016) and my 5yo daughter has been smitten with Ari for a long time. She prayed his mom would find him…then we found out you had. Tonight, she prayed he would not be scared with his new mom and would feel safe. Know there are people all over (and a little girl in Virginia) praying you through this transition and beyond.

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    1. That is so very sweet!! Please tell her that he has been so very happy and that God must have heard her prayers! Please tell her thank-you so much for loving Ari!


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