What Have We Learned So Far?

So – it seems that I like to do most of my posts at 4-5 am (still fighting that jet lag). 

Let’s start off where we left off on the last post… Ari woke up not even 2 minutes after I finished up the last post and was happy & smiley. 

We weren’t sure when the official from the orphanage was going to be coming (in this province they come to your hotel) and the guide had mentioned she would call from the lobby (I figured meeting in the lobby would be better than our room where things are spread out everywhere..), however our guide forgot! At 4:45 there was a knock at the door that no one heard followed by the ringing of the doorbell. There was Mary and the Director of the Orphanage that Ari is from. They both came in and looked at Ari (while he was playing with some toys) and were impressed that he was able to keep himself happy. They pointed me to 3 place to sign, gave me a sheet to fill out and return tomorrow, and reminded me to bring the $$ to finish out the China side of the fees, my passport and the sheet I needed to fill out. That was it .. literally 3 minutes in and out and I signed the papers on my bed … very unofficial like! 

After they left, we decided to venture out for dinner. We had no Chinese speaking translator with us, but decided to go for it. It was drizzling outside so we bundled Ari up really good with 2 blankets and pulled the canopy down on the stroller (to keep him from getting wet and to prevent a swarming crowd of onlookers). We ended up finding our first Western food of the trip: KFC.

The cool thing about this KFC is that they deliver .. they seem to use “messenger” type people to take insulated boxes with food to whomever ordered it while on their motor scooters. With their packs on they looked like KFC Ghostbusters (maybe Chickenbusters ?!) … it was pretty cool!! While at KFC, we had several #becausewereAmericansinChina moments. First the cashier gave us a picture menu (pretty common for foreigners to receive) and then he personally got our meals together and guided us to a place to sit (in a pretty busy restaurant). He actually make one lady move from the table of 4 seats where she was sitting so we could sit there (I felt kinda bad). While eating, many people came over and looked at Ari – most with a smile on their face (I mean, this boy is so happy most of the time – how could you not smile back?!). We also sat next to a group of 5-6 people who were utilizing sign language for communication. As their conversation continued their gestures got bigger and bigger – would have loved to have known what THAT conversation was about!! 

Once done at KFC, we crossed the street to a fruit stand. It was here that we found some bananas (I have heard that they are Ari’s favorite), a dragon fruit and some pineapple. The store people pleeled and cut the fruit – packaging it up for us to go! I haven’t had any yet – but really hope it is as good as they smelled!! 

While walking back, we stopped at 2 little bakery places in hopes of finding some breakfast type things. At the first shop we were give samples of some breakfast bread that was VERY good – Ari gobbled up almost 2 whole pieces (although I did help him). We got a loaf of that (which they sliced for us thank goodness) and Michelle got a lemon cake slice. We then stopped at another one just a few storefronts down where they had a cinnamon twist thing … can’t wait for breakfast! I hope Ari likes it – it will be way different than what he is used to. 

After we got back to our hotel, I got Ari changed into his pjs and relaxing with his toys. Michelle was actually able to get him to put a sippy cup in his mouth and drink 1.5 oz – that is HUGE for him. I had thickened the liquid so maybe that helped him control the flow that he was getting at one time. I really pray that he is able to start drinking this way and we can slowly get him to thinned liquids. 

We started our bedtime routine. I gave him his medicine (to help with his congestion) and brushed his teeth (which he didn’t care for but tolerated). I then put him in his crib … about 30 minutes later he was still laying there playing with his light up bunny. He then began crying and wouldn’t calm – so he ended up in bed with me. I turned him to his side and snuggled him close – he was asleep in 3 minutes. He did require some soft classical music to fall asleep (I think to put Michelle to sleep as well). At midnight, Ari woke up crying and was inconsolable. I ended up getting up and rocking him for about 30 minutes. He then laid back on the bed and was still restless. I took his socks off and gave him a lighter weight blanket – that seemed to do the trick! He fell back to sleep around 1 and is still sleeping now (5:30). It was so sweet, when he was trying to fall asleep, he had to have his hand on me. My arm, my head, my face … just had to be touching me. Love that sweet boy!!! 

Ari’s First with Momma: – first dirty diaper (now I can figure out his body routine) – first time to KFC. -First time to play with many toys that I brought 

What we have learned about Ari so far: – He does not like anything spicy (he tried some noodles at lunch that were slightly spicy and his got huge watery eyes) – he LOVES KFC (kiddo ate the original chicken like a champ – along with the egg custard and the mashed potatoes that were served with it) – he enjoys looking outside and loved even more to just be outside – his love for singing light-up toys is fierce! 

Here are some pictures from the city last night – I’ll try to get some video of the buildings here that light up in different patterns at night 🙂 

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