On The Go (in more ways than one)

After having a very hard night, Ari woke up in an ok mood (not his super giggle self, but not screaming mad). We got dressed and went to breakfast (food is Ari’s favorite part of the day). He loved his rice congee and dumplings. He tried some other things (some came right back out of his mouth). After returning to our room, Ari FINALLY went to the bathroom (TMI I’m sure). I was relieve that he had finally gone and seemed to be a bit happier. 

We met with our guide at 9:30 to go to the Tengwang Pavilion (which are the ornate buildings we can see from our window). Turns out this set of buildings had been rebuilt over 29 times due to being burnt down in various battles. 

We took lots of picture (so I am making up for the no pictures in yesterday’s post).  Ari’s wasn’t exactly thrilled about sight seeing – he slept 80% of the time we were there. 

I was very thankful that Ari was aslee and let me close the canopy all the way. We had MANY gawkers and one guy even said “Oh My God” when he saw Ari … I know that worse things could happen, but you just want to protect your child. I was very happy to get out of the confines of the 6 story main building!!

Once we had walker through the entire pavilion (probably about a mile including the 6 flights of stairs carrying a stroller …). It was time to go back to our hotel and then find some lunch. 

We got in, changed a diaper,and then went in search for lunch. We decided to try the pedestrian street and by this time Ari was getting hungry. We couldn’t seem to find anything that stuck out as a good restaurant. We walked and walked and walked (seemed like forever). We had remembered Mary (our guide) telling us that there was a McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut at the end of the pedestrian street. However, we had no idea how long the pedestrian street was … lol

We finally made it to the end and turned left, but no McDonalds was in sight. We went down 2-3 more blocks and finally saw it across the street. Of course, by now, it had started raining and the wind had picked up. To say we were excited to see McDonald’s is a slight understatement… we ended up ordering a hamburger kids meal for Ari and a bigMac meal for each of us. 

Even Ari was excited to be at McDonalds (although he wasn’t very fond of the fries or ketchup). 

While in McDonald’s Ari decided it was time to let loose and things became very stinky!! Of course, we were unable to find a bathroom or place to change him (I asked our guide about this later and she said that if that happened to a baby they would just change it on a chair in the restaurant …THAT was not happening!). I felt bad that he had to sit in it on the way back to the hotel, but he must not have minded because he slept almost the entire 1.5 miles back to our hotel. 

I am so thankful that the Miralax seemed to help! Now if we could just get his congestion under control, he would be golden! 

Once back at the hotel, we spent time resting. Before we knew it, it was time for dinner. We decided we would try a new restaurant (we had passed by many food signs on the pedestrian street and thought we had an idea of where to go). We got to the location of the restaurant and realized it was on a different floor as the “door” was really an elevator. We had to decide which floor  to go to. From the outside you could see people eating on the 3rd floor, so we decided to try it. We got to the restaurant and it turned out to be hot pot. That was all fine and dandy, but they didn’t have a picture menu and there was no English translation. SO – we pulled out my translator apps and went to work. We wrote next to several items the English translation and then decided what to get. We translated 9-10 items, but chose only 5. However, when we got the items we had ordered, ALL the items that had English translations came out … yea .. LOL another #LostInTranslation moment!! 

Ari began falling asleep while we were at the restaurant. We headed back and got him ready for bed. I gave him his medicine and some Benadryl (I did consult a US pharmacist first) and he was asleep in 30 minutes. He fell asleep around 8, but I have decided to sleep when he does (since nights have been unpredictable). He did wake up around 1 and was a bit fussy, but calmed with some rocking and then watched a episode of Sesame Street. He kept playing so I slowly took away things one at a time until all that was left was his paci. I turned on some white noise and he went to sleep (around 2:30a). The next thing I knew is I had an Ari hand and smiling face in my face telling me to wake up (7:00 ish). I am so so happy that he had a better night!! 

One thought on “On The Go (in more ways than one)

  1. It’s crazy to say: After all, I am thousands of miles away but with the feeling that Ari is completely being himself with you. It’s like the two of you have been destined to be together.

    The idea of parenting a child without special needs is a lot to many of us, so you’ve got every prayer for all you need on this journey to China and for your forever life back home. Thank you for sharing these days with us!


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