So sad – I had yesterday’s blog post all done before we went to bed and was just waiting for some pictures to upload and they are all gone this morning (so sad!!).

After having a better night, Ari was happy and ready to go yesterday morning. Michelle and I got showers, dressed and changed him then we went to breakfast. I make Ari eat as much other food as possible before giving him dumplings. He had rice congee, a spinach filled steam in (just the filling) and then 2 dumplings. He seemed very satisfied with that and was a happy boy ready to go to the room. 

We met up with Mary at 9:30 and headed to a park. It was a great place for children and adults. There were many places that groups were doing square dances or tai chi. Some older gentlemen were playing with a “Chinese yoyo” that looked fun but challenging.  They also had several kid amusement park type rides, although most of them were closed. The play equipment was more like work-out equipment, but was made with both children and adults in mind. ​​​

Per usual, Ari slept through the sight seeing. You put that boy in a stroller and go over rhythmical bumps in the sidewalk = lights out!!

After the park, we headed out to WalMart to get some needed supplies. I mean, seriously, what kind of NWA/Bentonville/WalMartian citizens would we me if we didn’t go to atleast one WalMart in China?! I will say, we did not encounter any “People/Creatures of WalMart” during this journey. 

After Walmart, we went to a porcelain shop. Jiangxi province is famous throughout China for it’s porcelain. I found 2 figurines that I really liked, and out of the entire store I had picked 2 items that were hand made by a famous artist, I.e., super expensive. So, they stayed at the store. Maybe I’ll find something similar later on.

After the porcelain shop, we headed back to our hotels. It was almost 1:00 and knew that we were going to have to get Ari some food quick before he got upset. We decided to eat at the hotel restaurant instead of going out. I grabbed a banana for Ari so he could be eating on something while we waited. 

We were able to utilize their digital picture menu on the iPad to order our food. The only downfall was the quantity was not mentioned in the descriptions .. so, this is what we got: We had ordered as close to Western food as possible (we’re starting to tire of the Chinese) … we got an order of fried rice (which Ari refused to eat), an order of seeet potato paste balls and 2 orders of dumplings … it didn’t quite end up the way we expected. Just another #LostInTranslation moment that we just had to laugh at. We ended up supplementing our meal with some of our snacks in the room. 

After lunch, Ari couldn’t seem to decide if he wanted to nap or not. So after letting him play for a bit, I decided to give him a bath. This second time was a much better experience for him. He actually kicked his legs son, splashing the water. He, of course, thought this was hilarious. 

After getting clean and dressed, Ari promptly fell asleep. This was NOT my idea of a good time to sleep as it was already 4:30! Around 5/5:25 I tried waking him, but he was not having it. He slept through changing his diaper, getting a jacket on and being placed in the stroller. Wish I could sleep that heavily!! 

For dinner we decided to go. Ack to the restaurant we had been to on Monday for lunch. We knew what was expected of us (how t order/how to pay) and after the hilarious lunch adventure we decided we needed some “easy”. We ended up ordering 2 dishes that were unknowingly spicy (aka, not Ari food) and broccoli (food Ari doesn’t like). We ended up having to get an order of dumplings because we knew those were safe. I only gave him the stuff part and he was limited to 4 since he had dumplings at every meal this day. I knew that wasn’t enough for him so I fed him an egg custard we had bough on Monday – after that he was happy boy. 

The bedtime routine seems to be going fairly smoothly. He still doesn’t care for getting his teeth brushed, but he tolerates it. He was asleep in 15 minutes an slept until 12:45. As he was falling asleep I was rubbing his head and he had to keep his hand on top of mine .. so a sweet little boy!! 

He stayed awake from 12:45 until 2:00. He decided that this morning he would wake up super early (even though we have no plans for today) and gave us a 4:45 am wake up call with lots of laughter and giggles. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes with such an early morning .. 

Ari’s First: – First time at a park – First time to WalMart – Ari got his first pair of shoes

What I have learned About Ari: – He doesn’t mind riding in a car and doesn’t get car sick – He doesn’t care for rice – He really is a trooper and is up for any adventure you will take him on

On another note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aubrey Gale Harris!! My sweet niece was born 4/12 weighing 6.6 lbs and measuring 20.5 in. 

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