So Happy

After waking up crazy early, we went down for Breakfast right when they opened (6:30). Ari ate rice congee, fried egg and yogurt. We came back to the room with intentions of resting. Around 7:45, Ari fell asleep for all of 15 mins. Howerever, Michelle  decided to rest as well and the next thing we knew, Mary was calling with official paperwork. 

I let Michelle rest and Ari & I went down to see Mary. The papers she brought were ones that will have to be taken to the US Consulate next week. If these papers have ANY errors on them then we will have to come back to Jiangxi to get them fixed (and I definitely don’t want to have to do that!!). All the papers looked good (fingers crossed nothing’s wrong). 

After returning to the room, we decided to go get some batteries for a small toy Ari has and then walk around. While Michelle and I got ready, Ari decided it was time to sleep again… We waited a bit for him to wake and once he started to stir we got him in the stroller and headed out. 

We went back to the grocery store from earlier in the week and found batteries. We then headed  back to the pedestrian street, on the hunt for souvenirs. Here are a few pictures Michelle snapped on our way! Yes, that is 1 dog dressed up and then a large lab walking the smaller dog by the leash … I’m not really sure why … Dentist offices are just open to the outside .. no privacy when you get your teeth cleaned … This lovely Eifle Tower replicas sprouted up overnight… 

After getting to the end of the street, we decided it was a good time to get some Western food. Michelle seems to be handling the constant Chinese food way better than I am. We decided to be brace and try a Pizza Hut. We set our expectations low because, well, you just never know! We ended up pleasantly surprised! The pizza had a sightly sweet crust and it was really good! 

Of course, we had to wake Ari up to get him to eat lunch. Serisously, put him in the stroller then walk over the bumpy sidewalks … out every. single. time.!! He finally woke and ate a banana, several bites of pizza (he seemed to like it and the various meats on it) and then some thickened yogurt drink. He struggled with swallowing the pepperoni from the pizza, almost choking. I really think a swallow study will be at the top of our list (along with feeding therapy I’m sure – Mandy, he’s coming for you!). 

After eating pizza, he HAD to go get ice cream. If you know anything about food & drink in China, it is almost all hot. 

I was very intrigued to see what Ari would think about it. He wasn’t too sure at first, but …he LOVED IT!!! Of course .. it WAS cookies & cream :).

After eating ice cream, we headed back down the pedestrian street. We realized that there was more shopping under ground (actually 2 more floors of shopping beneath our feet). SO, we headed down to check it out (thankfully it DID have an elevator). There were tons of shops and dessert bars. It was kinda cool to see an entire mall underground! 

It was around 3:30 by the time we got back to our room and we started packing up our stuff to leave the next day. 

I forgot I had bought some headphones for Ari before we left home so I decided to try them. However, they didn’t fit over his head (which really didn’t surprise me all that much). So, I tried my headphone on him .. they barely fit, but he seemed to like them … 

We ended up eating dinner in our room and Ari went robber around 8:15/8:30. He woke up 3-4 times during the night, but calmed easily and was back asleep each time in 10-20 mins. He did, however wake up again at 4:45 .. he’s an early bird for sure! 

Ari’s First: – First time eating pizza, – First time eating ice cream, – First time to a mall

What I have learned: -swallowing is hard! Tiny pieces for everything and sometimes they still do not get chewed – he does NOT like being told “no” … and threw a HUGE fit about it (thankfully he is typically REALLY a great kiddo and so laid back) – he is a early morning kid!

One thought on “So Happy

  1. Love the pics of your beautiful son: Dying to see video of his now world famous giggle, btw
    It’s like he’s been waiting for you specifically with angelic preparation. Happy trails and continued awesome bonding.


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