Shamian Island

Last night, I tried Ari out in the crib for the first time with me. He took longer to fall asleep, but didn’t get upset that he was in the crib. He still woke up 2-3 times for 10-20 minutes each. Each time he woke with fits of giggles. The last time it was taking longer for him to fall back to sleep, so I brought him into my bed and he was asleep in 3 minutes. 

We got up around 7, got dressed and ate breakfast. Our plan was to go to the International Church service and then meet up with the rest of our group on Shamian Island. We went to our lobby and got a taxi at 9:30 (the service started at 10). We had gotten the Chinese writing of the hotel and the taxi driver was off. 

We get to the Marriott Tianhe and ask multiple people where the church service was located … each person had a different answer. We ended up in the lobby of the hotel and came to find out that the church service wasn’t at the Marriott Tianhe, but the Hilton Tianhe (10 minutes away by taxi). By this time it was already past 10:00 and we decided that it would just be best to meet up with our group on Shamian Island. 

We were able to get another taxi and head the White Swan Hotel to get us by the Shamian shops. We shopped and took pictures until 12 when we met our group at Lucy’s for lunch. 

​Lucy’s is an American type restaurant – burgers, sandwiches, wraps, etc. they also had a few Chinese dishes. I ended up getting the club sandwich (and a sweet tea) and I got Ari the Chicken congee (which he really liked). 

After lunch we headed to the store “A Gift from China”. Cute shop with neat little trinkets. Once done there we all headed back to the hotel.

Ari had cat napped most of the morning. He was sleeping in the stroller when we got back and was NOT happy about being taken out. (Had to get him changed …) He was very fussy when laying down, not wanting to take a nap when in a bed. 

Once I got him calmed down, I went with the rest of my group to fill out some paperwork for the Consulate appointment on Tuesday while Michelle stayed with Ari. Once this was completed, I got back to the room and Ari was happily playing on the floor. He did act like he was going to fall asleep several times, but he never did. 

At 5:00 we went down to the 4th floor to have a little Easter egg hunt with some of the other families here. The kids all had a good time and Ari was a happy boy. 

Once done with the Easter egg hunt, we headed out to dinner with 1 of the other families. We went to The Banana Leaf, a Thai restaurant across from our hotel. It was SUPER busy and we waited a bit, but the food was good and we came back to the hotel happy. 

Ari fell asleep around 9:30 and I’m just hoping he sleeps well .. this Mama is tired!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!  

Ari’s Firsts: – First Easter – First Easter Egg Hunt – First time in a cab – First time to eat Thai food (he liked it as long as it wasn’t spicy) 

What I have learned about Ari: – If he gets hot, he sweats like crazy – He likes Reece’s peanut butter cups – He does not like getting his teeth brushed  

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