Safari Park and Stomach Bug

*WARNING: this post is real and graphic – queasy stomachs should turn away now!!*

We started off the morning fairly happy. Ari had been awake from 1-3 crying and fussing, but finally fell back to sleep and slept until 7:15.

I got him dressed and we headed to breakfast. Ari had dumplings, a banana and some yogurt. We got back to the room and I started to smell a stinky diaper. I had laid him on the bed (on the sheet) … little did I know he had a diaper explosion!!! All in his pants, down his legs, up his back and, now, on the bed. How I did not manage to get any on me or in his stroller, I have no idea!!! 

We had 20 minutes before we had to be out the door for the Safari park … so we did the fastest bath possible, got clean clothes on and headed out the door. 

It was hot today, high of 91, and humid x500,000. It took around 45 minutes to drive to the safari park and I started feeling not so great. We got there and there were thousands of school kids there … it was interesting to say the least. We got on a train ride the goes around the park. The animals are up close and personal … really a neat experience. However, by the time I got off the train I was really feeling bad. That’s when the diarrhea started … not fun to deal with at a Safari park where the only Western toilet is the handicap one. I never take the handicap stalls in America … but it was unavoidable. 4 hours later, walking in the sweltering heat and feeling miserable, it was finally time to go. 2 minutes into the drive back and I start throwing up. Everyone else in the car had strong aversions to vomit and the windows immediately were opened. Of course, we don’t speak Chinese so we were unable to communicate to the driver the need to pull over. Thankfully I had some baggies in the diaper bag that were made for stinky diapers …. and diaper wipes.  By the time we got back to the hotel, I had thrown up twice .. Michelle told me to just go to the room and she took care of Ari. I got in the shower to clean off and cool off and then went to bed (after 2 more bathroom stops). 

Thankfully, Michelle and Ari had a completely different experience at the Safari park. Michelle has become the photo guru and she caught lots of good things. The only thing that Ari missed out on were the pandas, I kept him with me in an air conditioned restaurant so he could cool down (his little checks were getting so red). I tried to give him some ice cream, but he wasn’t having it. Here are some pictures from the Safari adventure!They had a section with robot animated dinosaurs. One of the newly adopted little girls with us was terrified… they had to quickly walk through the exhibit while she was closing her eyes. They also had Dino sounds playing through speakers … Ari didn’t seemed phased and at one point even laughed at the Dino roaring.

After the Dino’s, we went exploring the rest of the park:

After getting back to the hotel, Michelle and Ari went exploring. She found our bunnies!! However, didn’t have enough money to get one – so that is on the agenda for tomorrow (as long as I am feeling better) .. exchange $ and get another bunny or 2. 

Michelle also stopped at Burger King and shared some of her burger with Ari. He had eaten a sausage on a stick at the safari park so he wasn’t so hungry. 

They then stopped to get me some sprite and came back to the hotel. I’m so very thankful that Michelle is here or this miserable day would have been WAY worse! 

Ari and Michelle have headed back to Pizza Hut for dinner (it is cheap and easy to get to). I have been in bed since 3 (except when in the bathroom). I’m praying that I feel 100x better by the morning as Ari and I have to leave here @7:45 to go to the Consulate to finish his visa application. I plan on staying in bed until the morning. 

Ari’s First: -First diaper blow out -First fast and furious bath -First encounter with wild animals -First time at Burger King

Things I have learned about Ari: -He quickly gets hot and since is isn’t a fan of drinking, that makes hot situations tricky. – He is just one happy little Dude

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