Ari had a rough night last night. He woke up at midnight crying and didn’t go back to sleep until 2. He woke up several other times, but didn’t take as long to calm and fall back to sleep. 

We had to be up extra early this morning to go to the US Consulate. We met our guide at 7:40 in the lobby and headed out. We had to stop to pick up the medical reports and then go to the Consulate. I don’t have any pictures because no cell phones or electronics of any kind are allowed in the building. 

We all went to the 2nd floor to turn in a large packet of paper work and take an oath stating that our visa application for our children were correct to the best of our knowledge. 

It took about 1.5 hours for the first half of us to get done. It was a little crazy and hectic. (For the adoption families: yes, the window is still shattered and barricaded). Of course, Ari needed a diaper change and I was so thankful that the bathrooms had nice changing tables. We got in there and as I was taking his diaper off he started to pee. He hasn’t done this at all with any other diaper change … and of course he soaks the bottom of his shirt… go figure.  I had an extra pair of clothes, but he was in his cute red white & blue … I decided not to change him and wait until we were back at the hotel (I knew we were almost done). 

About 20 minutes later we were headed out to go back to the hotel. Once there, we picked up Michelle and headed to lunch. We decided on McDonalds. My queasy stomach from yesterday felt much better, but I couldn’t stomach the thought of oriental food. 

After McDonalds, we decided to head to the toy mall. I had no idea what to expect, but what it was is nothing I could have ever thought. It was 6+ floors of toys, clothes, houseware, decor, etc. it was like a giant flea market. We searched high and low for those darn bunnies (hoping to find them cheaper that at the department store) … but no dice. The only thing I bought from the toy mall was a clip on fan to clip to Ari’s stroller and wheelchair. Here are a few pictures from the toy mall. 

As we were headed back from the toy mall, Ari fell asleep. Once we got to the hotel I tried to put him in bed but he was having none of that. He calmed quickly and I got in bed with him. I know I fell asleep, but I’m thinking he did not. He was quiet and happy … just a time of rest. 

After resting, we decided that we wanted to try out the Mexican restaurant (Tekila) … well, we went in search of it and it was no where to be found. According to the map of the area and google maps, it was in the exact same place where a Chicken Express now stands … so very sad. 

After that disappointment, we decided to head back to the noodle restaurant we had gone to a few days ago. Ari got the dumpling kids meal and loved it. $3 US for all thisit was a ton of food that he couldn’t finish. 

Once back at the hotel, Ari played on the floor with his toys for a bit and then I got him ready for bed. ​

​He quickly fell asleep … let’s pray he stays that way! 
Things I have learned about Ari: – he does not like cucumber or pickles and he still doesn’t like fries – he has a very hard time being patient when he knows that food is coming 

Ari’s First: -first time to pee without a diaper on 

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