Preparing for Home

Tuesday night Ari woke crying and took about 2 hours to fall back to sleep. Neither of us got much sleep and I woke up with a migraine. It was Michelle to the rescue again as I took some medicine and slept. 

Michelle said that he was asleep before they even got to the elevator (he loves the stroller and it seems to be prime napping time – and I’m sure he was tired from the restless night)While out and about, Michelle found some really cool kids play places and even an open air market .. (Ari slept through it all). 

They came back around 11:15 and I was still sound asleep (until Ari started fussing because he was hungry). I heard him and woke right up. Thankfully my headache was gone and I was feeling much better. 

We decided that today we would hunt down the other bunny we needed. We went across the street (which requires going down to the subway and crossing to the other side of the street while underground) to the GZ Friendship Mall. This mall had a much higher price point for goods than the other places we have been. 

Since Ari was fussy, we knew that we needed to get him some food first. We decided to go to Burger King. Transitioning Ari to American food while here has been a semi-goal so that he won’t be completely miserable once in the States. I already knew that he wasn’t super fond of hamburgers, so we tried out some chicken nuggets. Well, what do you know .. he loved them! I thought he would since he is typically good with any meat (as long as there is no sauce of any kind). 

After eating, we headed into the mall to get a bunny. The mall has 7 floors, but the elevator only went up to 5 and the escalators you had to take to go up to 6&7 were so narrow that the stroller did not fit. The first time Michelle had come here she managed to get people to let her on the service elevator to go up (but was met with many angry women who worked there when trying to go down the same elevator). So, this time, Michelle and Ari stayed on floor 5 while I went up to 7 to get the toy. (It was crazy because there were kids clothes and a play place on 6/7 and no way to get up there by elevator …). I found the bunnies and snagged a blue one (pink just really isn’t Ari’s color). 

(Later on I had to try the new one to make sure it worked – Ari heard/saw it and this was his reaction:)​

​After getting the bunny, we ran back to our room to change a diaper and drop off the items we had purchased. We then went out to look for a second piece of luggage and a few other items. Ari got another singing toy, but this one has a screen and ear like loops so that it can be easily picked up. The ears also light up .. it is a pretty cool toy. 

Once we got that, we headed back to the hotel. On the way, we stopped at a street vendor to get another suitcase (make it easier to get home instead of carrying it all). The vendor was selling a large suitcase for 220 yuan (about $32 US) – Michelle bargained with the guy and got it for 190 yuan (about $28 US) … it is a hard shell so we shall see if it survives. If it gets home in one piece, that is a great buy compared to prices at home! 

We ended up going to dinner with a couple other families downstairs at the Dim Sum restaurant. We got sweet and sour chicken, spring rolls and a sugar rice sponge cake (not as good as it was in Nanchang). We thought that Ari would like the sweet & sour chicken .. but he did not. Luckily one of the other families had ordered chicken congee and weren’t going to be able to finish it – so Ari ate chicken congee and was a happy boy. 

After dinner, we came back to our room to start packing. Getting everything to fit in the suitcases isn’t the issue .. the problem is staying under the 50 lb weight limit. I packed about 1/2 of our stuff and decided to call it a night. 

Last night, Ari woke at 1 and fussed until almost 3. He woke again around 4, but went back to sleep quickly. We all woke around 7:45 then went to our last buffet breakfast here in China.

After breakfast, we came back and I put Ari in bed since he had been very grouchy at breakfast. He spent his time scooting around and playing so I brought him into the living room on the floor. He spent some time playing and then fell asleep. He slept from 10:45-12:15. During that time, we continued to pack and at 11:30 I went downstairs to meet our guide as he had picked up Ari’s passport with his US VISA and the all important brown packet that we have to deliver in pristine condition to immigration. I got back to the room and Ari was still out .. however, just a few minutes later he was up and giggling. We decided to head out for lunch in hopes of beating the rain storm that was supposedly on its way. 

We couldn’t decide on where to go … being tired of both fast food and Chinese – and we wanted something fairly cheap since we have just under 300 yuan to last until we get to Seattle.  So, where did we go, you ask? Well .. back to McDonalds. It was starting to rain when we got outside and McDonalds was close, cheap and fairly easy to get in/out. 

When there, it really started to pour … we were glad we had gone somewhere closeby! Ari had chicken nuggets again … he ate 3 and then he decided he was done. Once the rain let up we ran into Watson’s to get some baby wipes (we don’t want to be without those on the airplane) and then stopped by a bakery to get Ari some egg tart for the morning (we have to be ready to go at 4:30 am) since we will be leaving before breakfast. 

For dinner tonight we will be going to the adoption families gathering here at the hotel where hopefully there will be food that we all like and we won’t have to go out in search for anything. 

Now we are in the room, finishing up packing and just relaxing. I am ready to start the journey home. China has been fun, but I am ready to get into a routine and start getting all the medical boxes checked off. Our first stop at the beginning of next week will be neurosurgery and craniofacial – then onto the pediatrician and hopefully ENT for a swallow study soon. GI will likely be thrown in there to ensure his hernia surgeries were good and there are still no issues there. We also need to see an optometrist and a dentist … so we will be busy little bees! ​

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