One of the most interesting things about having an adopted child with medical needs … the lack of information I can give to medical personnel. Granted, I have WAY more information on his medical history than most just based on where he has been living the last 3 years. 

Does he have a history of reoccurring respiratory illness, umm, I really don’t know. Has he ever had an adverse reaction to anesthesia … yea, I really am not sure (although I would guess that if he did I would have been told). 

There are just so many little pieces – not to mention family history … 

We have been together 18 days, we have been in the US for 4 days, we haven’t made it to our home yet. Such a very short time span in the large scheme of things and yet I wanted to cry when I had to leave him to do the MRI. 

Just 2 minutes before being put under he had woken up, in typically Ari style – with a smile and a giggle. What would I do if that ever changed?! If something happened and he wasn’t the Ari I already know?! 

This little boy has already become my world … I will break down any barriers for him and fight for anything he could possibly need. I am so very thankful to be starting on this journey to making his daily living easier and more pain free. 

I would be lying if I said that there isn’t fear there. Fear of a mistake, fear of a change in mental/medical status, fear of things going so horribly wrong. This is just the first taste of being a special needs Mom on the other side of the medical veil. 
This little boy is so very LOVED … can’t wait to have him back in my arms 

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