Game Plan

Sorry for the delay in updating – I seem to be hitting a wall and exhaustion has set in.

Ari had a difficult time transitioning out of anesthesia. I knew he was done before the nurse came to get me because I could hear him crying (Talk about Heart Breaking!). It took him 45 minutes to calm down and eat a little bit. We were allowed to leave and we headed straight to the cafeteria/food court. THANKFULLY, I was able to find him some scrambled eggs and suddenly the world was a better place. IMG_8479.jpg

We spent an hour eating and hanging out before we went to the Neurosurgeon’s office. We had some paperwork to fill out and we were quickly seen by the doctor.

The physician seemed happy to see how well Ari is doing (able to track in all directions with his eyes, able to reach across midline, etc). He showed me the MRI and showed where the suspected blockage is between the 3rd and 4th ventricle. The physician explained that he thinks that performing a Endoscoptic Third Ventriculostomy (ETV)- where a pathway is formed from the 3rd to 4th ventricles to allow fluid to flow naturally – would be the best course of action. This would allow for the shunt to be removed due to no longer having a need for it. There is a 70-80% success rate. If for some reason this procedure fails, then a new shunt will be placed. He also expressed concern that the shunt he currently has is not working or is working very minimally – so if we chose to NOT do the ETV then the shunt would need to be addressed.

The current plan is for him to have the ETV done on May 8th. So, we have a week to get things washed, repacked and will likely be going to Memphis prior to surgery so he can meet the rest of his family.

We drove the 6 hours back yesterday – he slept about 3 of those hours. We are now home and he seems to enjoy his new toys and his bed. The dogs have kept their distance from him – I think his large/fast movements scare them. They will warm up.

We’re still waking multiple times at night and taking naps way too late in the afternoon. I have decided to just let it be for now – we can address it after he has surgery.

Ari Firsts: – First Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich (he loved it) – First time to drink grape juice – First time to nap in his bed in his room
Things I have learned about Ari: – He LOVES to be in his carseat and to drive around – He absolutely enjoys watching Sesame Street and animated Disney movies

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