The past 3 days have been an adjustment period for all involved.

For the dogs: getting used to having another being in the house. They are really not sure how to react when I pick him up or when he is fussy. Zoe, the Bichon, is more trusting and will occasionally get near him as long as I am near him – but Stewy, the Yorkie, really wants nothing to do with him. It will be an learning curve for everyone. IMG_8542.jpg

Ari is still struggling to adjust to the time change. He typically takes a morning nap and then doesn’t want to take an afternoon nap until 4 or 5 (which is too late). I really haven’t pushed the sleep adjustment since he will get all screwed up after anesthesia for the upcoming surgery. He did, however, sleep from 9-5 last night … it is a first for him. IMG_8601.jpg

As for me, this has all been a very wild ride. It felt like forever until I was finally able to be in China, while in China I felt like time went by slowly and now home I feel like things are flying by and I’m just trying to hold on! I am having a much harder time overcoming the jet lag than normal – I think it is due to the fact that I’m not back at work and we have down time (especially the last 2 days since it has been storming outside).

These next 2 weeks will fly by as we will be headed to Memphis to see family on Tuesday and then driving to Dallas from Memphis at some point before his surgery next week. I feel terrible that he isn’t actually getting a chance to get into a routine and know where the heck he lives … but hopefully after the surgery things will calm a bit and we will get into a groove. There will only be 2-3 weeks from when we get back from his surgery until when I have to go back to work … that seems crazy to me because I feel like so much needs to be done between now and then.

List of appointments that still need to happen: swallow study, dentist, optometrist, therapy evals, therapy treatment and maybe GI … yea ..  Sometimes it seems overwhelming, but I know that somehow it will get completed.



Our lives are a little crazy, but I am so very thankful to have my sweet boy home!


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