T -3 Days

We have been spending time in Memphis, letting Ari meet some of his family. 

On Tuesday, Ari slept soundly through the night for the first time – I actually had to wake him to get ready to leave. We walked out of the door to this!!My sweet TEAM family did this and it was Awesome! 

He had a PT Evaluation first for the day . I am so excited to see how this sweet boy transforms after surgery and with intense therapy. 

After the eval, we went and got his hair cut. His first haircut in the US! 🙂 He wasn’t too sure at first, but he was all smiles once I started giving him cookies. He sat still and it was easy in/out! THANK-YOU, Ms. Alex for our awesome new look! 

After getting his hair cut, we headed to the Bentonville courthouse to apply for his US passport. Having this will help us get his social security card, which is something we absolutely have to have. 

Once all that was done, we ran home to get some lunch, pick up our luggage and get the dogs. We then headed out to begin the 6 hr drive to Memphis. 

Since getting here, Ari has met his grandparents (Bubbles and PopPop), his uncle Spencer, aunt Meagan and Great Gramme. I’m sure we will have more family introductions before we head to Dallas. So far he has kept it all in stride, continuing to be his happy little self. 

He has started frequently rolling to each side to look at people or reach for toys (previously it was only to his right). He is sleeping better at night – I just love that 98% of the time he falls asleep with a smile on his face and wakes up giggling. 

Wednesday he had his own personal photo shoot with his Aunt Meagan. Although it was right at nap time and he was getting a bit cranky, things turned out ok! THANKS Auntie Meg!!

Yesterday we went to Toys-R-Us and he seemed to enjoy looking at all the toys. He got smart, though, I kept showing him different toys (seeing which ones he could activate himself), we would play with it for a few minutes then I would put it back on the shelf. He sometimes got a little upset with me taking it away, but was pacified by his own toys quickly … until we got to the book aisle. We picked up an Elmo book that sings … that smart little boy held onto that book and would not let me put it back! We now have a new Elmo book … 😉

3 more days until we have our first round of surgery. I am anxious for the process but ready to get him on the road to feeling better and hopefully some exponential growth in all areas. 

Ari Firsts: – first time to eat meatloaf, mac&cheese, corn soufflé, cranberry juice, Papa Johns pizza, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice cream (he wasn’t too fond of this) – first time to go to Toys-R-Us and Sams Club – first time to go out to eat with family (Mexican of course!) – first time to sleep through the night 

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