The Night Before

It’s that time again .. time when my anxiety level inches forward and I pray that everything goes according to plan. 

We left Memphis this morning, with Bubbles (my Mom) in tow. It took us 8 hours to get to Dallas (with a few stops along the way). 

As I watch my sweet little boy sleeping, I just am in awe of how many things have changed since I first met him. We will now take liquid from a cup (as long as I am holding it), we are more willing to try various foods and will now eat some foods he would’t eat just a week ago. We are continuing to improve with overall sleep time and quality and night. We will now get upset when wanting Mom, before he was just content at all times with whomever was around. We have preferences in toys and shows on tv and we love taking baths. 

We have to be at the hospital tomorrow @8:30 am and surgery is scheduled for 10:30. I’m not sure of the estimated time frame for length of surgery, but it is supposed to be fairly quick. I’m sure I will be updating Facebook tomorrow as the day goes on. 

Wearing his “lipstick” – banana, beet, squash & stawberry purée. 

2 thoughts on “The Night Before

  1. Oh the part about him just wanting you. Sometimes that takes a very long time to happen. Of course you have the fervent prayers of so many of us who’ve hoped that ALL of this would happen for him for so long. I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t sure it would or could. Certainly adding to my faith account. Sending YOU mighty hugs, angels and prayers, too, Mama. Thank you for letting us know how things are going.


  2. Your courage is a true inspiration, to mothers everywhere. You are so brave to love, so brave to take on so much, and so brave to do what is right for Ari. I have “watched” Ari ever since he arrived at New Day, and I am so thankful that we are able to witness his continued journey via your blog. Blessings to you all.


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