Is it, or isn’t it? 

I have been a little quieter lately on the blog front. We made it home last Sunday and have been settling into a groove. Ari is finally going to sleep beteeen 7:30/8pm and when he wakes at night it only takes 5-15 mins for him to go back to sleep … a great improvement! 

Here’s where things get tricky … we have been acting “different” since last Saturday. Been much more fussy than typical, arching back more, staring off into space, being very quiet (which is the opposite of last week when he was babbling up a storm), refusing foods I know he likes, and as of yesterday & today, vomiting. The hardest thing with kids with hydrocephalus … is all of this due to increased pressure in his head? Is it a virus? Does he have an ear infection? 

He threw up his breakfast yesterday then went to sleep. After his nap he ate lunch and dinner and was pretty much his normal self.He slept well last night. 

He woke up this morning happy and ate a good breakfast. 

We went to the post office and WalMart without incident. Then we came home and he ate lunch then went down for a nap. 

After his nap he was very quiet, didn’t really want to play with any toys and just laid on the mat or sat in my lap staring off into space. He ate snack at 3:30 and laid on his mat to watch Elmo. At 5:45 I got him in his chair to eat some dinner and he threw up half of his snack … so, that changed dinner plans from pizza to soup (which he ate a little bit). He is now in bed and I will be calling the pediatrician’s office in the morning.

The hardest part of being a hydro mom is not knowing what is going on … and it is exponentially increased in the fact that he is non-verbal and can’t tell me if he is hurting or not feeling well. 

For now we pray it is just an ear infection and can be easily treated with antibiotics … and that we don’t have to go back to Dallas to the neurosurgeon ….

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