The Journey thus Far

Ari has officially been an American for a month! Time has flown by and I will be going back to work in 2 weeks. I’m not sure what all this will change when it comes to schedules and behaviors – but I’m hoping everything stays status quo. 

Since coming home, Ari has gone through so much!! 3 MRIs, Brain surgery, PT/OT/SLP evaluations, 2 pediatrician appointments, 6 immunizations, and a partridge in a pear tree. In all seriousness though, he has done amazingly! 

He has started drinking from a sippy cup (I cannot begin to explain how HUGE this is)​,​

is starting to try to self-feed​​

​​and is babbling up a storm!
He continued to enjoy new things, including foods, places, people and tv shows. He seems to most enjoy Sesame Street, Bubble Guppies, Chuggington, Curious George, Cat in the Hat and Special Agent Oso. 

He has had so many appointments and still has more to go. He will see a dentist tomorrow, opthamologist in 2 weeks and have another sedated MRI in 4 weeks. 

Everything is going as well as it can be and I cannot help but think about all of the children left behind. I am so thankful that he was in a foster facility, cared for medically and loved on daily … but most orphans are not afforded those luxuries. I implore everyone to read about what truly happens in orphanages – as told by 3 girls who were there and are now with their forever family( These children have endured so much and desperately need families to love them … could you be their family? I would be more than happy to help in any way and provide any answers (or guide you to answers) if you want to know more. 

1 month in and so much has started changing, I really cannot wait to see what God has in store for Ari’s life!!! 

One thought on “The Journey thus Far

  1. If I say I’m astonished, it’s about nothing more than my own paucity of faith. My God, these things in a single month. Great big hug to you both. AND your darling doggies. 😄🤗


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