2 Months of Forever 

2 Months ago today we were in China signing papers to officially make Ari a McIvor forever! 

He is doing very well. He enjoys most foods (unless they are crunchy or hard to chew).  This past week his sleep has been rough (especially with me going back to work) … but the past 2 nights he has done better thanks to his new weighted blanket from a sweet friend (check out Worth the Weight

We went to the eye doctor yesterday who said his optic nerves look excellent. This was a big concern since he has had hydrocephalus for so long and we were unsure of how long the shunt that was removed last month had not been working. When you have increased pressure in your head, this causes pressure on the optic nerves which can cause damage and limited eye sight. However, the dr said his optic nerve look healthy and pink. He is slightly farsighted, but not enough for glasses at this time. He does, however, have a lazy eye on the right. So, we now have to patch 3-4 hours daily. He’s not a fan of this yet… hopefully he will learn to tolerate it. We go back to the eye dr in August to determine if there has been any change. 

He has started seeing Speech and PT, OT will start this coming week. Hopefully soon we’ll get into a good, consistent therapy rhythm.

As for me, honestly, this transition back to work has been harder than I expected. Just like all the other working Moms, I feel like I miss a ton and by the time I get home he is cranky, wanting dinner and then it is time for bed. I know I will get adjusted, but it stinks. As crazy as it sounds, I feel like I’m just not enough for Ari. Adding in the lack of sleep this past week, I’m ready to feel like things are starting to settle again.

This coming week we will have just a normal week. A week from Thursday we will be headed back to Dallas for another sedated MRI. I’m so very thankful that his eye appointment went well because it confirms to me that the surgery he had is still working (even though he has had some funky things going on like tremors and jerking).

I’m looking forward to next weekend – Ari and I are going to a screening of a Cat in the Hat TV movie at the movie theater … it will be his first movie theater experience … we’ll see how it goes!

2 months in and a lifetime to go … love this little boy!! 

One thought on “2 Months of Forever 

  1. I just wanted to tell you guys we love you and are sending extra angels of peace, progress, fun and all the sleep you need, working Mama. 🙂 And some extra puppy hugs for your sweet doggies. Thank you for letting us know how Ari is getting along. It’s one miracle we’ll always keep up with


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