Just in Time

Today is both a very happy and very sad day all wrapped into one.

First off, today is Ari’s 4th birthday, his first with a family and first in the US! He has had so much fun experiencing new things (like chocolate cake and presents). He has experienced a sugar high and is loved beyond measure. I am so blessed to experience all of these new and exciting things with him!



Today has also been a day where China released new criteria for prospective adoptive parents – yet again narrowing who is eligible to adopt and what is considered “acceptable” for a parent. This means that less kids will be able to find their forever families and more children like Ari (with multiple MAJOR needs) will never find their forever home. Just saying that makes me upset…

With all of the changes, it makes me reflective upon the fact that I started when I did … before there was a crack down this past January on not giving waivers (which I needed), before these new rules came down limiting who was a “fit parent” ….  I really cannot say what made me decide to start the adoption process. I definitely wasn’t “past my prime” to have my own children. I wasn’t in a relationship (still am not). What made me think that December 2015 was a good time to start an adoption?! The ONLY answer I can give is God … God put that urge in me to find out more information. He sent me on the way to bring Ari home – knowing the urgency to start then and get things completed while I still could. I really cannot fathom what it would be like if I waited a year … having known that Ari was there and ultimately being told “No, sorry, you cannot adopt this child who no one else wants … “. I cannot imagine that heartbreak (which many families are experiencing now).

All I can say is that I am thankful … thankful for the sweetest boy and for God’s perfect timing. IMG_9879.jpg

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