4 Months and More

Ari has been in my arms for 4 months. I haven’t quite decided if that feels like a long time or a short time. I feel like my days run together and that there is never quite enough time in the day. There are some times that I have a hard time remembering when he wasn’t in my life and there are others that I can’t believe it has already been 4 months.



There are times that all of this is so hard … working all day, missing out on so much with him. Worrying about the upcoming surgery, stressing over finances …. but then he laughs and my heart melts.


In the last month, we have gone to Memphis, swam in a big pool, shopped for skinny jeans that actually fit him (I do NOT have that problem) and began preparing for his surgery … Surgery, ANOTHER surgery. I am very anxious about this and beyond ready to be on the recovery side of this one. I know in the long run it will HOPEFULLY be very beneficial for him, but I just hate knowing that I am the one who has made the decision to put him through more pain, more trauma, more hospital and more doctors.


I am so thankful that he is here and that we will be facing the hurdles together.

I have been dealing with the inflow of medical bills from the last 3 MRIs, the last surgery and the fee for the upcoming surgery. I can see how people can EASILY go into major debt from medical bills … and we have decent insurance!

I called the Dallas hospital a few days ago to take care of one of our bills and the billing person said, “Well, I am showing a credit on this account” … not sure how there was a credit. She said, “Yes, you have a $422 credit” … WOW. So, that balance is now being applied to our outstanding amount and we are almost there! It is a relief to have the last surgery almost paid off and only have the upcoming surgery to worry about!!

I am so thankful to so many people for helping us, from babysitting in a pinch, to donations for some of Ari’s medical bills … It has been so humbling and amazing.

This amazing little boy is worth ALL the frustration, worry, anxiety and concern …

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