Progress and Gratefulness

As we prepare to head to Dallas tomorrow for the next surgery, I decided I needed to catch everyone up on what has been going on. I will try to blog as much as I can while we are in Dallas – but I don’t guarantee anything 🙂

Ari has been doing well! In the last few days he has started rolling over to get toys across the room. Right now he is able to go from his back, to his belly and back to his back over the opposite side he started on … perviously he just rolled back to belly and then back to the position he started from. I would call this great progress!! I hope that once we get over the recover phase of this surgery that he will be rolling across the room with ease!

This past Friday, Ari and I came home to a house that was warmer than usual. It took me a few hours to realize that the house was getting warmer but the vents were blowing. I went outside to the AC unit and it was not running … so I called the AC people. Saturday around 11:30 they came out, the guys went out to check the unit and came back in with a piece from the bottom that was over 70% black and scorched. Somehow the unit caught on fire and it burned out all of the electrical components (THANKFULLY it didn’t catch the house on fire!!). And, of course, since the system (furnace included) is over 12 years old, they don’t make replacements for it any more …. so an entire new system has to be put in the house. What a wonderful thing to happen just days before this surgery that I’m already stressed about! Oh well – thankfully they will be able to replace it before we get back. Praying we come back to a very cool house!

Since our house has been much warmer than normal this weekend, we went out to eat dinner (not typical for us). I decided today to try out Steak & Shake – Ari has never had it so I figured we would try. Well, wouldn’t you know, he LOVED his cheeseburger …. that isn’t something I have ever said before! He has had burgers at various places and never really cared for them – eating less than half a burger typically. Well, tonight, he ate the whole darn thing and drank an entire cup of water (that is a BIG deal!). As we finished, we went to go pay and SURPRISE, someone had paid for our meal!! I have no idea who it was, but I am very thankful. We retreated to a restaurant for cooler air and an easy meal  but came away with gratefulness for a stranger!  Thank-you, whoever you were!!

Tomorrow morning we are headed to the Social Security Office to get Ari’s name corrected on his SS Card (it is in his Chinese name … it is just what they do). While I am there I will also be checking on his resident status. Occasionally children who are adopted internationally will accidentally be put into the “system” as resident aliens instead of citizens … but I want to make sure ALL the ducks are in a row and that there will never be second guessing on his citizenship status. Once we are done there, we will head to Dallas as Ari has 4 pre-op appointments on Tuesday starting at 11.

Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday at 12:30pm. He will be the second surgery of the day since the other child scheduled that day is younger than him. It should be interesting to see how he does with no food. My plan is to make sure he wakes up before his cutoff time and eats … even if that means he is up for the morning – I can nap later! If I can get some protein in him, hopefully he won’t be too upset about no breakfast & lunch!

The goal of this surgery is to decrease his head size and weight enough that he can hold it up independently. If we can get head control, we may be able to get sitting- which would be a HUGE relief for me. Anything extra past sitting is just icing on the cake!

We’re off – the beginning of the journey to the next part of our adventure!

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