Today, we had several pre-op appointments in preparation for tomorrow. 

First off we saw ENT. They did a quick hearing test and he seems to be hearing well. They will go in at the beginning of the surgery, clean out his ears and then place tubes in if they see a build up of fluid (which they think may be there). 

After having some yummy Chinese food for lunch, we went to the hospital pre-op area for a blood draw (that Ari was NOT happy about), pre-op pictures and measurements of his head.  Once we were done with everything the hospital needed, we went to visit the craniofacial surgeon. He told us that the plan is to be done in less that 5 hours and hopefully go home on Friday. However, it all depends on how he tolerates the pressure change in his brain from the decreased fluid the neurosurgeon removes. 

This surgery is focused on mainly decreasing the fluid and decreasing height of his skull.  Hopefully these things will reduce the size and weight enough that he can hold his head up. We won’t know if future surgeries will be needed until he is fully recovered from this one. 

I feel that the saddest part of this procedure for me is that post-op his head/face will be so swollen that his eyes will swell shut and stay that way for several days … that is SO hard for me because he may be scared and won’t know what is going on.   

Well, it 11 pm here so I guess we need to get some sleep. He cannot have food after 4:30 am, no milk after 6:30 and no water after 9:30 … hopefully he will still be happy at 12:30 when the surgery is scheduled. 

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