Post-Op Day 2

Well, the original plan was for discharge today, but Ari doesn’t like to play by the rules! 

Last night he woke up several times, but was content and even spent some time “talking” around 1:00am. I was happy to hear this because I hadn’t heard a peep out of him (other than crying) since before the surgery.  I was really hoping that his overnight awesomeness would spread into today, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

We woke up around 7:30 and I ordered his breakfast (it has been taking ~ a hour for food to come) and I made some instant oatmeal My mom had brought to hold him over. The sweet little boy was starving!! He ate the entire bowl of oatmeal and fell asleep. From a deep sleep he began retching- but nothing came out. It was just downhill from there. 

He refused to eat anything from the breakfast tray I had ordered and refused to drink anything from his cup. We skipped lunch because he was so agitated even with IV Tylenol on board, he was given some Ativan to take the edge off until he could have his Toradol (which was the first time he needed that). He was very restless all day, struggling with gas pain. He was able to eat a little vanilla pudding and a few bites of banana.

For dinner I got him some chicken noodle soup but he ate very little. He ate a few bites of his leftover tuna fish, but he was just not in the mood for food. 

He was able to sit in my lap for a few hours today – but I feel bad moving him because he is in such pain. He did fall asleep in my arms and it was good for him to have a position change, but it is hard to handle him and his head when it is just so swollen all over. 

The swelling today has been rough. His right eye has swollen shut and the left eye is just a little sliver. I really hope we have hit the peak of the swelling … even his ears are swollen and it has to just be so uncomfortable!! 

We are staying the night tonight, not too sure what the plan is for the rest of the weekend. His craniofacial surgeon wants to take it day by day to see how he does. I’m so happy that they are so open to how the family feels and want us to be comfortable going home. 

Praying that tomorrow is easier, both pain and swelling wise! 

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