First Week of School

Well, Ari had a great first week of  preschool! 

The first 2 nights he decided that he didn’t really need to sleep the night before school – but he eventually started sleeping better as the week progressed.

He has gotten some different seats and equipment at school that was needed. 

They are still figuring out his therapy schedule – but they’re getting there. The kids in his class seem to really love him. The second day I dropped him off a little boy came running up to him saying, “Ari, I missed you all night!!” … super adorable!! 

We started working on a communication app last night .. he rocked it!! We will be hitting this hard so he can start telling us what he wants. ​

The next big thing I have to figure out is how to start picking him up from school (currently I have been working and my sister has been getting him). Auntie Meg goes home at the end of the month and they don’t have a bus for him to ride .. no spots :(. If anyone local knows a reliable college age(ish) kiddo who would want to earn a little money by picking him up from school, just let me know!! 

I’m glad to have him home this weekend! He is happy and playing and I’m sure he will be excited to go to school on Monday! 

One thought on “First Week of School

  1. Dear Shannon,

    Wow! So there seems to be a gigantic BASKETBALL PLAYER sitting in Ari’s chair! I can’t get over how big he’s gotten! And he knew right what to do with that button: how cool is that.

    Giving you both a high five and a hug from here.

    And I love the pup cruising through probably hoping for dropped scraps.

    Bless y’all and thanks for the updates,



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