First Meetings and Surgical Updates

So I realized this morning that around this time last year, I was just meeting Ari for the first time! I had gone to China on an advocacy trip and stayed extra time to help with some training at Ari’s foster home and to meet him …


In all honesty, I was overwhelmed at first by just how much support he needed – by how large his head was.


It was at this point that doubts began creeping in. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was smitten with him and loved him no doubt. But, as a single woman, could I REALLY do this?!IMG_5574.jpg

But, there was that little smile …. the one that I cannot say no to.IMG_5352.jpg

IMG_5401.jpgIt’s hard to believe that it has been a year since these pictures were taken …. but I am SO grateful that he is home.

He has already been through so much, but he is happy and thriving.


Yesterday we had follow-up appointments in Dallas. He did so well with the drive, waiting for the doctors, etc. It never fails, though, he ALWAYS is asleep when we see the craniofacial surgeon!!


I think the only time that Dr. Fearon has seen him awake was when he was unhappy in the hospital post surgery!! Oh well … we tried! He did stay awake for the ENT and Neurosurgery … so there is that!

Right now, everything looks good. We will go back in 6 months (right around our celebration of Ari being with me for 1 year!! ). The craniofacial surgeon wants to wait at least a year post-op before determining if another procedure is needed. He said he would be able to remodel the back of his head and that would allow neuro to remove more fluid (making his head less heavy) – but we’re going to wait and see. As he grows, his neck muscles should get bigger and stronger, hopefully leading to better head control. The downfall to all of this, is that EVERYTHING relies on head control. He won’t be able to learn how to independently sit without head control first … crawling, walking, etc … all depend on head control. Now, will we EVER get to that point, who really knows. BUT, without head control, it is a complete no go. So, we play the wait-and-see game. I was really hopeful that he would have greatly improved head control by now after the last surgery … but it just isn’t so.

Anywho, we headed home after our LONG day of 5 appointments – we stopped for dinner at a McDonalds (that was packed with high schoolers headed to a football game … I forgot it was Friday). Ari got yogurt with his Happy Meal and LOVED it … lol IMG_1605.jpg

I am so thankful that he is such a good traveler … it really is a HUGE blessing! Here’s to not having to go back to Dallas for 6 more months (knock on wood)!!


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