7 months of Forever

As each month passes, it is such an odd combination of feelings. I feel like he has been with me always, but at the same time cannot believe that we have already been together for 7 months!

This last month contained several “firsts” and well as the daily “grind”. 

Ari went to his first wedding, where he dressed up all snazzy like! He had a fun time and was so well behaved!! 

He then got to experience his first Halloween in the US. It was filled with several days at various trunk-or-treats and he got lots of candy and “ooh and ahhs” over his costume. 

He also got to experience ToyLand during the November First Friday in Bentonville. He had fun, but we learned we need to go earlier in the day next time to try to avoid some of the crowds. 

This past month he has consistently been drinking out of a cup with a straw, a HUGE leap forward when it comes to self-feeding!! 

He had a really good month!! 

Unfortunately, he is getting ready to experience something else New tomorrow, his first funeral and loss of a family member.   My dear, sweet grandmother passed away last Friday and the entire family is here in St Louis in preparation for her funeral tomorrow.  While I am so heart broken that she won’t be able to be here for Ari’s first Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am thankful that she got to meet him. She loved him so very much and always wanted to know how he was doing. She couldn’t wait for us to come home for Thanksgiving…

Gramme, thank-you for always loving us and being a guidance to us with your wisdom and experience. We love you so much and miss you terribly. Your stories and memories will forever be in our hearts!

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