8 Months

This month has been full of new experiences.

We traveled to St Louis for the first time, spent time with family and had Yummy food and slept in an extra big hotel bed!

He got to see his first Christmas tree and is still enjoying the lights!

He got a new seat for the house and seems to be pretty comfy in it!

We then went to Memphis for his first Thanksgiving. He wasn’t too keen on the turkey or the green beans, but he really liked the cranberry sauce and corn casserole.

While in Memphis, he got to take pictures with the entire family dressed up as elves … it was quite the experience!

The week after going to Memphis, we headed up to Kansas City for Ari’s first round of Botox injections. He did great during the process and it seems to be working well for him!

He was able to finally break out the Santa hat that Mommy bought him last year

We went to the Christmas extravaganza that his school hosted! Ari was able to meet Santa for the first time and eat yummy snacks while Mommy did his arts and crafts.

Then, this past week, Ari got his new glasses! He looks so much older and is doing fairly well at leaving them on!!

Just yesterday we were able to go to his first Parade. It was freezing (and he slept through the first 15 mins), but he thought it was interesting and there were all kinds of people walking by!

Christmas is right around the corner and it will be so great for Ari!! I know there are already stacks of presents waiting for him … we’ll see how eager he is to rip the paper!!

It is crazy to think it has been 8 months since he was officially mine!! I am so blessed that he is here!!

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