10 Months of Forever

So, I was a bum and didn’t write a 9 month update …. things get a little hectic sometimes! 🙂 IMG_2877.jpg

Since Christmas, Ari has become more vocal about his opinions of what he likes, wants and how he wants things done. He gets frustrated when I won’d do things for him that I know he is capable of doing. There have been more struggles with things that weren’t a problem before – like feeding himself. IMG_3073.png

Medically, Ari is doing well. He has had a round of ear infections, but recovered well. Knock on wood, so far we have avoided the flu – hopefully this continues to be the case.

He continues to struggle with sleeping … but no worries, we have a sleep disorder clinic appointment scheduled … for October. No, I didn’t not type that incorrectly, October was the the earliest available time they had …. fantastic.

We are also waiting on a referral to neurology. I fear that sweet boy is having short seizures and I want to make sure to address it if that is the case, or be relieved if he has a normal EEG. So, we are waiting on that.

We will be going back to Dallas for follow ups from his last surgery in April. He will have a MRI and an EEG if we haven’t gotten one here already. That will help us determine if his ETV is working for his hydrocephalus and if future surgery on his skull will be needed.

He has been doing amazingly well in the last 1-2 months with keeping his head up without support – it really is awesome to see. I really need to try to get a picture or some video, especially when he is in therapy and swinging on the swing with holding onto the ropes and keeping his head up … he has come so far!

It is so crazy to look at photos when he first came to me and photos now. He has changed so much!!

IMG_7575.jpgThis was the day he was placed in my arms

IMG_3093.jpgBeing silly yesterday!

I can’t believe that in 2 months he will have been with me for an entire year!! I have been having meetings for transitioning to kindergarten – they seem surreal! I can’t believe he will be in big kid school in August – time goes by way too quickly when a kiddo is added!!!

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