11 months of Forever

One more month and it will have been an entire year since I was in China to get my incredibly awesome little boy … that is is crazy to think about!!

He has really been doing great! He will be getting his communication device in a couple weeks – hoping he takes to that and can start learning how to tell others what he needs/wants.

He continues to love his bunny – it’s magical song helps him fall asleep!

He continues to be as smiley and giggly as ever!

Ari had a good first Valentine’s Day. He got toys from Bubbles and he loved the big teddy bear.

We had fun celebrating Chinese New Year! We went to the local library where a Chinese group put on a dragon dance and there were different crafts and activities to do. He looked so cute in his silk outfit!!

After celebrating at the library, we had a Chinese feast at home .. yummy yum!! Ari devoured it!!

He continues to work on his head control and improving with each day!!

He got new braces with some sweet new kicks … he tolerates them well and they help him stand in his stander and keep his feet in correct alignment.

They celebrated Dr Seuss week at school. His little Cat in the Hat pullover was perfect!!

During Dr Seuss week, they had a crazy hair/pajama day … he was very silly!

At the end of Dr Seuss week, we went to the local Barnes & Nobel for a Dr Seuss party. We ran into a coworker of mine and her sweet kiddos. Her little boy always runs up to Ari and yells, “Ari, you’re here!!” When they both are at the clinic. He always gives Ari sweet hugs and picks up toys that Ari drops. So so so sweet!!

Ari then had picture day. He was very handsome for his Spring pictures at school.

Ari had his first Krispy Kreme experience – needless to say he is now a big fan! 😉

This next month will be filled with Neurology appointments, Spring Break, our 1 year post Social Worker follow up, Easter and our 1 year gotcha celebration!!

2 thoughts on “11 months of Forever

  1. We love seeing this! He’s mighty handsome and went from baby to big boy really quickly – 11 months is warp speed. 🤗😂

    Thank you for keeping us in Ari’s sweet loop 🐰❤️👍 May your blessings continue.

    Biggest hugs to you both,



  2. Nicely shown growth and obviously parental pride. You have such a lovely relationship with your son, Ari. I just stopped by, seeing your link on someone’s post. Smiles, Robin 🌞


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